Waldegg Ventures

The symbiosis of investments in early-stage ventures and well-profitable Mittelstand companies creates know-how synergies in both directions.

We focus on startups that are in a very early phase in the context of pre-seed or seed rounds with a financing volume of the entire round of up to 2 million euros. Through the network from our portfolio of grown medium-sized companies, we offer, on the one hand, access to potential customers and, on the other hand, the know-how of entrepreneurs and managers with decades of experience in building and leading employees.

With the diverse challenges from a tax advisor to an office location search, a professional network offers hacks in all areas. In addition to software, we also welcome ideas from the crypto environment.

Please get in touch with us if you are...

early stage with first revenues / verifiably interested clients
Funding target between EUR 0.3 million and EUR 2.0 million


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